Do You Know Your Body
That Our Bodies Could Be Full of Toxins?

Toxins can have a wide range of harmful effects on our bodies:

Embrace the wisdom of old Japanese healing practices!

Detox patches will absord the toxins while you sleep!

Discover the benefits of our carefully selected 100% natural ingredients

Detox patches for real

Loquat Leaves: Rich in antioxidants, these leaves help neutralize harmful toxins, leaving your feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Detox patches for real

Wormwood Extract: Known for its detoxifying properties, wormwood aids in eliminating impurities, reducing inflammation, and soothing tired feet.

Detox patches for real

Bamboo Charcoal: A natural absorber, bamboo charcoal draws out excess moisture and toxins, promoting healthier and odor-free feet.

Detox patches for real

Ginger Powder: This ancient spice improves blood circulation and eases muscle tension, providing a comforting and soothing effect.

Detox patches for real

Vitamin C: With its powerful antioxidant properties, vitamin C enhances the body's immune system, supporting your overall well-being.

Detox patches for real

Bamboo Vinegar: Derived from bamboo sap, this potent ingredient helps extract toxins and metabolic wastes through the pores of your feet.

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Embrace the wisdom:
of old Japanese healing practices

It is believed that the feet are a gateway to your overall well-being. These detox patches harness the ancient art of reflexology, targeting specific acupressure points on your soles to promote natural detoxification and restore balance within your body.

Experience the ultimate relaxation as our foot patches work while you rest, allowing the blend of natural ingredients to synergistically rejuvenate your body. Simply apply the patches before bedtime and wake up to a renewed sense of vitality and wellness.

Detoxication patches Myluntu

How to use it

Our feet are full of blood vessels and nerve endings. So one of the best places to apply the patch is on your feet.

Step 1:

Tear off the sticker

Step 2:

Apply the patches on your foot. Press the sticker around firmly

Step 3:

Leave the patches for 6-8 hours. It's recommended to apply the patches before the night sleep

Step 4:

Peel off the patches, wash the feet with warm soapy water and enjoy your improved well being

Give a helping hand to your body

Do you get up every morning without sleep? Do you have back pain? Tired during the day?

Your body is undoubtedly polluted with toxins that it is no longer able to eliminate by itself. Give your body a helping hand with Myluntu Detoxification Patches. Time-tested natural substances will help your body to get rid of all harmful substances.

Traditional wisdom for modern life.

There are over 370 acupuncture points in our bodies, and almost 70 of them are on our feet. These points connect to almost every part of the human body. Myluntu is a modern fusion of centuries of proven East Asian healing methods into one that is more suited to the fast-paced life of modern man.

Only natural ingredients.
Myluntu patches use only natural ingredients gathered from nature and known for thousands of years.
Give your body a helping hand.

Start 10 days detoxication
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Track the progress!

Myluntu detox patch after 1 night

After 1 night

Myluntu detox patch after 6 nights

After 6 nights

Myluntu detox patch after 9 nights

After 9 nights

After 2 months

The active elements in Myluntu patches causes the release of toxins through the skin and absorb them. This is why the patch will be darker in the morning.
Vitamin C and ginger penetrate the body through sweat and skin pores to boost immunity.
A ten-night detoxification programme is recommended at first use. Thereafter, it should be repeated for at least 2-3 nights per month.

The results may vary depending on each person's health status, lifestyle or the environment in which they live.

Most frequent questions and answers

What are the detoxication patches?

Detoxication patches, also known as foot detox patches or foot pads, are innovative wellness products designed to promote natural detoxification through the soles of your feet. They contain a blend of natural ingredients that aim to draw out toxins and impurities from your body, supporting overall well-being.

How do the detoxication patches work?

Detoxication patches work based on the principles of reflexology and traditional Japanese healing knowledge. When applied to the soles of your feet, the patches target specific acupressure points, believed to be connected to various organs and systems in the body. Through osmosis, the patches help draw out toxins and metabolic wastes from these areas, promoting a natural detoxification process.

How should I use the Myluntu detox patches?

Using the Detoxication Patches is simple. Before bedtime, peel off the adhesive backing and apply one patch to the sole of each foot, concentrating on the center or specific reflexology points. Wear the patches overnight to allow the ingredients to work effectively. In the morning, remove the patches and discard them. For optimal results, use consistently at least 10 nights in a row for the first time. That should be enough to see the effect. It’s recommended to use to use then at least 2-3 nights every month to keep the body free from toxins.

What are the benefits of using Myluntu detoxication patches?

The Myluntu detoxication patches offer several potential benefits, including: Natural detoxification and elimination of toxins from the body. Improved overall well-being and vitality. Reduced fatigue and increased energy levels. Alleviation of foot discomfort and muscle tension. Enhanced quality of sleep and relaxation. It’s recommended to use to use then at least 2-3 nights every month to keep the body free from toxins.

Are detoxication patches safe to use?

Yes, Myluntu detoxication Patches are generally safe for most people. However, we recommend checking the ingredient list for any known allergies or sensitivities. As with any wellness product, pregnant or nursing individuals, as well as those with specific health conditions, should consult their healthcare professional before use.

Can I reuse the detoxication patches?

No, the detoxication patches are designed for single-use only. We recommend using a fresh patch each night to ensure optimal effectiveness.

Where should I store the patches?

Store the Detoxication Patches in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or high temperatures, to maintain their efficacy and shelf life.

How many patches are in one pack?

One Myluntu detox patches package consists of 10 separate patches. 10 are sufficient for the initial detoxification procedure. However, it is recommended to repeat the use of the patches at least 2-3 times a month.